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(Almost forgetted new) *sob* People, I have really really bad news for you. No doubt

2015-12-03 23:19:03 by SaberStickZZ

I'm SaberStickZZ's younger brother and he has sufferering, anger and has anxiety disorder over someone review a bad comments about his own creation animated and arts skill from past 3 year ago. He told me nobody likes him and this website does not help to sovle his problems with fully tearful! 2 week later he died for heart attack at home in the morning and me and my family are very shocking and mourning. *sob* We tries to cheer him up to make him feel better and forget about it, but he still care about his first account in his greatest lifetime and been depressing, we already call for help, but he refuse to go because he don't want to go outside in summer of his most favorite season, he always had a great days at summber. In weeks later before his died, my father has a better idea, but is was too late for that. *sob* When he needs everythings he want and I always be his big brother! My little brother is most joyfully siblings we ever had, we play, cheerfully to each other and ...and a....and I really want to. say I love him so MUCH!!! :'(                

                                              R.I.P SaberStickZZ (my little brother)




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2015-12-04 02:01:23

Not something that you should really post about if I'm honest people may get the wrong impression..
My heart goes out to your lil brother though I know there are some complete assholes on newgrounds that really need a punch in the face lol stay strong dude! Maybe speak to a moderator or something if this is true about rapidsmile they wont let it go unheard.


2015-12-04 07:30:40

Can't tell if this is troll or not

first you say you're his younger brother then you say "my little brother"

I'm confused



2015-12-10 21:43:42

Really? you're not kidding about this and I'm so sorry for your loss of your "little" brother. "The original hate made of Johnny Test on Newgrounds"
By the way, How old is he? 12?